About Jesse Rivera, Color Guard Instructor

Jesse Rivera is a color guard instructor who was born in Whittier, California.

Rivera has dedicated the past twenty years teaching and spreading his passion of the art of colorguard. Jesse’s passion and enthusiasm for this sport has enabled him to expand his horizons as an instructor. Jesse has taught in various high schools in the past years such as Sierra Vista High School, Anaheim High School, California High School, La Serna High School, Pioneer High School, and is currently teaching at Newport Harbor High School. Jesse’s experience extends beyond teaching high school guards. Jesse has participated in various Drum Corps as well. This instructor was the Equinox winter guard director/instructor in the year 2005, the Impulse Drum Corps tech in 2007, and the Dream Drum Corps in 2004. Other Drum Corps Jesse has taught include the Enora winter guard, Incognito Drum Corps, as well as being the flag tech for Kennedy. However, in order to gain his knowledge for everything in the spectrum of guard, from equipment manipulation to dance techniques, Jesse has to experience it firsthand before beginning his journey as an instructor. Jesse participated as a performer in the SoCal Coop Winterguard as well as in the Dream Drum Corps. Overall, Jesse is an understanding and passionate instructor who commits himself to transmitting his love for guard to his students.