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Who We Are

During the fall season, the Color Guard is part of the Newport Harbor Sailor Marching Regiment. As such, these members are required to attend all marching unit rehearsals and events.

Winter Guard is the second competitive season for the year for color guard students. The group prepares a show to be performed in a gymnasium that is judged in competition with other schools.

Students learn choreography, characterization and movement skills while simultaneously handling the traditional color guard equipment of flag, rifle and sabre. Winter Guard groups become tight-knit, as they spend time together in rehearsal and competition, supporting and trusting each other through the learning of complicated stunts and choreography. Each year’s show has a different theme with which the students can engage. There are several weekend competitions in which the Guard competes against other schools in front of a panel of judges.

Please contact Mr. Julian for more information on joining this outstanding ensemble.


Registration is August 2, and camp starts August 3.


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