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Who We Are

Newport Harbor Music Education Foundation (NHMEF) is comprised of family, friends, and supporters of the the NHHS Instrumental Music Program. We work to raise money to support the students, directors, and the many performance programs that Newport Harbor High School offers. Our amazing volunteers also help with events, performances, and many other Program student activities. 


The Newport Harbor Music Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization governed by an Executive Board.

From the Foundation President:

The specific purpose of this organization is to create, promote and support instrumental music education in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas.  This mission is accomplished by financial sponsorship of music education programs, community musical experiences, and increased awareness activities of the music arts.   This is only accomplished by soliciting donations from generous individuals and corporations to be distributed to organizations providing music education in the community.

One of the key benefactors of the NHMEF, Inc., is the Newport Harbor High School Sailor Marching Regiment. Funding for instrumental music educational programs, provisioning of basic materials and field coaching for music related activities has been virtually eliminated by the Newport Mesa Unified School District.  Music programs in public schools, like many other arts and sports related programs, have been forced to look outside of their district for financial support to maintain the level of music education historically available to their students.  Specific contributions to the NHMEF, Inc. this past school year has covered the cost of many of the essential activities that make up the experience of being in the Marching band. These include but are not limited to the purchase of music, instrument repair, and fees for participation as a group in music related competitions. Also noteworthy, contributions sustain the cleaning and replenishing of band uniform and accessories. 

The world and joy of music not only enhances the students, but play an important part of the school experience for all students.  How much less of an experience would a football game be, if there were no halftime or music support of the players and cheer squad?  What energy would be developed at a musically silent school pep rally?  Music programs play an important role in the memory of students, parents, faculty, and community, and it is important we support these traditions.

In order to continue to support music education in our schools and community, the Newport Harbor Music Education Foundation, Inc., needs your assistance.  The foundation is looking for financial donations from individuals and corporations to continue providing the support necessary to run viable instrumental music education programs in the schools and community.   Support can also be in the form of property donation, as musical instruments can often be utilized in the program, or other items of value can be liquidated to provide needed funding.

Please consider as an individual or corporation, supporting the music arts in the Greater Newport Beach and Costa Mesa areas.  


Dorothy Leever


Newport Harbor Music Education Foundation Inc.

A 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation